Construction worker dead after being struck by runaway driver

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A construction worker was tragically killed recently not far from Blue Grass, Illinois. The worker was struck by a fleeing automobile that was being pursued by sheriff’s deputies. The deceased construction worker was an employee of Valley Construction, which is based in Rock Island.

Emergency workers were first notified just after 10 a.m. that a reckless driver was speeding down U.S. 61. A sheriff’s deputy spotted the vehicle and began to pursue it. Next, the fleeing driver passed through a construction zone. He tried to exit U.S. 61, but ended up striking the construction worker instead.

Immediately after the accident, the Medic Ambulance and Blue Grass Fire Department were notified. Police detained the driver of the runaway car, and soon discovered that the suspect had a child in the vehicle. The driver, the child and the injured construction worker were rushed to the hospital, but the construction worker was pronounced dead upon arriving at the facility. No reports were issued relating to the extent of the injuries suffered by the driver and the child, nor were their ages released.

Authorities continue to investigate this incident. So far, no information has been released regarding potential charges against the runaway driver in this incident. When an Illinois driver strikes and kills a construction worker because he or she was breaking the law the construction worker’s family may have strong claims for wrongful death damages should they choose to pursue them. The family may also be able to pursue workers’ compensation benefits to help cover medical bills, burial costs, lost wages and more.

Source: Quad-City Times, “Construction worker killed by speeding vehicle near Blue Grass,” Brian Wellner, Sep. 01, 2016

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