Illinois troopers cracking down on construction zone speeders

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Illinois State Troopers have ramped up their enforcement of speed limits in construction zones. The increased patrols, prompted by a recent fatal accident in which a construction worker died, will utilize plain-clothed officers who will be looking out for lawbreakers at construction sites. These state troopers will be equipped with radios to report speeding drivers to troopers waiting to pull unlawful drivers over outside the construction zones.

Although Illinois construction zones on roadways are not very convenient for drivers, the slower speed limits are there for a reason: to keep construction workers safe. The least we can do is follow these speed guidelines to ensure that an accident involving a construction worker doesn’t happen. Indeed, considering the incredible work road crews do to keep our roads safe, Illinois drivers should definitely return the favor.

Hopefully, the embedded Covert Enforcement Details throughout Illinois will provide more reason and motivation for drivers to follow construction zone speed limits. Troopers will still have the discretion to decide if they will issue actual citations or give written warnings depending on the situation. Nevertheless, state troopers have, for the most part, a lot of experience tending to construction zone crashes caused by speeders; therefore, they know firsthand the dangers associated with speeding in these areas. They may not want to be overly forgiving when they discover a driver is neglecting to follow the posted speed guidelines.

Illinois construction workers who are hurt on the job — at the very least — will be able to receive money to pay for medical care in most cases. However, navigating the workers’ compensation system could be challenging and difficult; therefore, hurt workers may want to learn more from a workers’ compensation attorney who can provide guidance to those making claims.

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