Repetitive lifting injuries and workers’ compensation

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A repetitive lifting injury is an injury caused when a worker has to repeatedly lift up items at work. Most workers who have to bend over and lift things in their jobs do not tend to worry about the activity — especially if the items being lifted seem to be relatively light. However, even low-weight items can cause serious back injuries if the worker is forced to lift them again and again over a period of months or years on the job.

Nevertheless, when an employee makes a workers’ compensation claim for repetitive lifting (or any repetitive motion) injuries, insurance companies may try fight the claim and say that it’s invalid. This is because a repetitive motion injury is not as dramatic as an injury that happens when a worker falls or gets hurt by a malfunctioning piece of machinery. Indeed, a repetitive lifting injury grows and worsens over time.

Injured employees who have had their repetitive lifting injury claims denied or rejected may want to contract the services of a workers’ compensation attorney to help them navigate the appeals process in their cases. Indeed, many workers are able to successfully appeal a rejection of a workers’ compensation by submitting more exacting documentation of their injuries required by the court.

At Hanning & Botha, LTD, we have represented countless Illinois workers in repetitive lifting claims. We have helped employees who were injured after lifting an item just one time, and we have helped employees whose back injuries slowly grew to become more complicated and more difficult over time. Regardless how an employee’s lifting injury occurred, we are available to help.

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