Illinois electrical worker killed in tragic job-related accident

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An Illinois construction worker suffered a severe electrical accident that left him dead last week. The tragic incident happened in Winnebago County, just outside the village of Winnebago, last Monday. Although the man was rushed to a nearby hospital in Wisconsin, doctors were unable to save him. The 30-year-old man succumbed to his injuries the following day.

According to authorities, the electrical lineman was performing maintenance on electrical lines when his body made contact with some live wires. A preliminary autopsy report indicates that the cause of death was accidental electrocution.

After the man suffered the accident, his coworkers swiftly moved into action to administer CPR. They were still giving him CPR when police arrived. Emergency responders were able to revive and stabilize him and he was taken by air to Madison’s UW Hospital. Reports indicate that he suffered severe burns as a result of the electrocution.

Authorities and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration say that these kinds of incidents are not common. They are currently performing a detail investigation to determine the exact cause of death.

It does not matter what kind of job an Illinois employee performs, it is likely that — with certain exceptions — if the individual is working as a full-time employee, he or she will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. That means that if an on-the-job accident happens while the employee is performing his or her job duties, then workers’ compensation benefits related to the injuries may be pursued. In the case of an on-the-job death, family members of the deceased employee may also be able to receive workers’ compensation death benefits to help them stay financially afloat following their loved one’s death.

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