Illinois worker hurt in scaffolding accident

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Illinois workers who regularly use scaffolding need to be educated on the dangers associated with scaffolding. Indeed, numerous falls and other injurious accidents happen while workers are using scaffolding every year in our state.

In a recent scaffolding-related accident hat happened early in November, a worker suffered what are being described as non-life-threatening injuries. Two men were performing construction work on a residence at approximately 12:30 p.m. when the scaffolding came tumbling down.

One of the workers suffered an immediate, non-life-threatening injury. The other worker was able to hang off the side of the residence until help arrived to rescue him. The injured worker was later transported to the hospital, where he received medical treatment.

Because of the dangers associated with scaffolding, this construction equipment should only be assembled by workers who are specially trained on how to handle this equipment safely, and it should only be used by workers who have been trained in safety procedures to ensure that injuries are less likely to occur. Part of the training needed for safe use of scaffolding involves the workers’ being taught how to perform a safety inspection on scaffolding before it is used. This safety inspection involves checking for worn parts, and checking to make sure all parts have been securely and appropriately assembled.

Most construction workers injured in a scaffolding accident will have the ability seek workers’ compensation claims to pay for their injuries. These claims can be made regardless of who was at fault for the accident. A successfully navigated workers’ compensation claim will likely provide the injured worker with money to pay for his or her medical care, and in some cases, money to pay for time spent unable to work while recovering from injuries.

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