Workers’ compensation denials in Illinois

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Let’s say you’re an Illinois lineman, working on electrical lines around your county, and you suffer a serious and debilitating injury. Perhaps you were electrocuted and lucky to survive, but you’re left with disabling injuries that prevent you from ever working again. You’re going to need to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you want to pay for your medical care and living expenses after this kind of injury.

The problem is, not all Illinois workers are able to qualify for the workers’ compensation benefits that they deserve. Sometimes, they are denied benefits because they didn’t file their compensation claims the right way. Other times, it is because of the way insurance companies are always trying to pay as little money as possible. If your claim for compensation was denied, however, there might still be hope.

Injured Illinois employees can appeal a denied claim and have their cases reconsidered. During this appeal process, however, it is absolutely vital that claimants resolve any deficiencies in the previous claim, and that they take strategic measures to bolster their claims. Strategic measures may involve filing for benefits under a different category of injury or illness, and they could also involve the use of expert witnesses to pinpoint the future medical and income needs of the claimant.

At Hannigan & Botha, we know that when we take on a workers’ compensation appeals case, we may be our client’s last hope for getting much-needed benefits. When you and your future fall into our hands, we will advocate for your legal rights using every legal strategy available.

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