Avoiding workplace injuries

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Every year, thousands of workers fall prey to some form of injury at the workplace. The injuries can range from slight mishaps that can be fixed with a band-aid to life-threatening injuries that can incapacitate the worker. A lot of time and effort has been spent trying to determine the main causes of such workplace injuries and how best to prevent them.


Various independent studies have confirmed that there are four main kinds of workplace accidents that are responsible for most of the injuries. Overexertion, falling from a high level, negative reaction from physical exertion and getting struck by an object. These four were responsible for more than seventy percent of all injuries and cost companies ten of millions of dollars in slowed productivity and worker insurance claims.

Such types of injuries need to be dealt with in a preemptive manner by improving the safety atmosphere at the workplace, providing training to employees on how to avoid accidents and putting a system of checks and balances in place for spotting dangerous work areas. For example, overexertion can be tackled with the help of machines that assist in completing the employee’s job, and ensuring that the employee gets plenty of rest in between tasks. To avoid falls, work areas need to be kept clean and clutter free, and anti-slip coatings should be applied on floors to make their surface less slippery.

These are just a few of the things employers should do to keep their employees safe. If an accident does occur, the worker should be entitled to workers’ compensationn. If they’re denied compensation, they may want to consider speaking with an attorney.


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