Busting Some Worker Compensation Myths

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The law in Illinois provides various benefits for employees of organizations that have been injured while at work. But despite the fact that the law is clear as to the details of the compensation to be received by the injured employee, the simple truth is that companies often try to find a way to weasel out of having to pay compensation. In such cases, your best bet would be to hire an injury lawyer to help you fight for your rights in court. The legal process starts with telling your lawyer the complete details regarding the case. Don’t try to show yourself in a positive light by lying about the circumstances of the accident.

Even if you share part or all of the blame for the accident, you can still receive compensation for your losses. The compensation benefit law provides for employees in all cases, not just the ones where the accident wasn’t their fault. Your supervisor will not punish you for filing the claim, and whether or not you receive compensation is not a matter that falls within their jurisdiction. Since accidents are covered by insurance policies that the company you work for has drawn up, the actual resistance to your claim will be met by the insurance company, and not your company itself.

There are many ways in which you can receive compensation for your troubles. Your lawyer must be able to negotiate on your behalf in front of the insurance company and prove that your injuries deserve ample compensation. Remember that there are no circumstances that disqualify you from receiving compensation. If the insurance company tries to convince you that you don’t have a solid case, they are lying in an attempt to get you to give up the money and benefits that you have a right to. The simple rule is, if you were injured at work, you will be compensated.

It is important that you educate yourself about this matter as much as possible before approaching the court to file your case, and that is where your lawyer will provide be able to assist you well. The cost of your medical care following the accident will be covered by the company’s insurance. You will also receive money for the wages that you lost out on because you were laid up and unable to do your usual work. If you were unfortunate enough to suffer from some kind of permanent disability due to the accident, you are entitled to receive additional benefits, which cover the cost of the disability in addition to the difference in earning ability brought about by the accident.

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