Assembly line repetition could leave you with injuries

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Assembly line jobs employ numerous people across the country. As an individual with such a job, you likely perform the same duties day in and day out. Because your tasks often involve making the same motions over and over, you may have experienced pain due to the repetitive nature of your work responsibilities. Though the pain may not cause you much worry at first, you could develop a serious repetitive strain injury over time that could require medical attention.

Repetitive strain injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis, can have an immense effect on your life. You may lose the ability to carry out regular tasks like you once could, and your work life could suffer if you have a more difficult time attending to your assembly line duties. As a result, you may need time off or medical treatment.

Workers’ compensation

In many cases, injuries caused by repetitive motions can warrant workers’ compensation benefits. However, you must apply for such benefits and gain approval before obtaining financial assistance. Unfortunately, the process for gaining workers’ comp can take time and effort.

Assembly line risks

Due to the repetitive nature of your job, it may interest you to know that assembly line workers face a high risk of suffering from a repetitive strain injury. The average assembly line worker needs three months away from work to address such an injury, and a good chance exists that you may develop more than one injury in the course of your career.

Multiple injuries

Though workers’ compensation may cover your first dealings with such an injury, you may wonder what will happen if you suffer additional problems due to repetitive motion issues. You can apply for benefits multiple times, but the chances of obtaining financial assistance may prove more difficult each time. Most individuals’ injuries return to the same part of the body, but if the additional injury affects a different area, you may have an easier time gaining more compensation.

Applying for benefits

Because repetitive strain injuries do not present the same shock factor as many other on-the-job injuries might, this type of issue may prove more difficult to address. However, you do have the right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits to help with your troubles. Having the right information and records could help bolster your case for why you need such benefits.

If you would like assistance in building your case and learning more about options for addressing multiple injuries, you may wish to consult with an Illinois attorney. This individual can help you gather useful information regarding your injury and need for financial assistance.

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