6 ways to increase workplace safety

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Managers in manufacturing may equate increased safety with slowing down, thus decreasing productivity. In truth, improved safety can increase productivity. Convergence Training, a developer of training management software for industrial and manufacturing sectors, offers these tips for increased safety in manufacturing environments:

Use equipment properly – Misuse of tools or not following proper procedures are the most common cause of workplace injuries. Regular reviewing best practices is smart, as is regular cleaning and equipment inspection.

Wear safety equipment – This seemingly goes without saying, but needs to be emphasized. Wearing proper safety equipment when operating machinery or cleaning up industrial messes greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Prevent slips and falls – Keep floors clean and dry and aisles clear. Slipping and tripping is the second-most prevalent cause of nonfatal occupational injuries. Replace damaged flooring. In areas that cannot be easily cleaned, consider installing anti-slip flooring.

Eliminate fire hazards – If your work environment involves combustible materials, only keep the amount you need for the task being completed. When not in use, store flammable materials in safe storage away from sources of ignition. Clean areas where dust gathers with industrial vacuums to prevent accumulation.

Prevent objects from falling – Stack boxes straight up and down. Place heavier boxes on lower shelves. Use protections such as nets and toe rails.

Emphasize the importance of work breaks – Extended periods of labor without a break may result in loss of focus or exhaustion. Workers who take regular breaks can stay more alert.

Safety must be endorsed by top executives with an emphasis that it is every employee’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment.

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