Work-related injuries and illnesses are compensable

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Workers who are injured while they are doing their job have specific rights. These are meant to protect them. After all, they are simply trying to earn a living when they are harmed. In Illinois, employers must have workers’ compensation coverage. This offers benefits to injured workers while protecting the financial status of the employer.

There are many things that employees need to know about filing for workers’ compensation claims. One of these is what types of injuries are compensable. This determination is made based on the circumstances of each case; however, there are some standard points that are considered.

The location of the accident is one of the most important factors. If it occurs on the employer’s premises while the person is doing their job duties, it is compensable. In some cases, social events that are sponsored by the employer are also covered. For example, if you fall while taking a client out to dinner for your company, you would likely be able to receive workers’ compensation. If you are injured at the company holiday party at a restaurant, bar or club, you would likely be covered.

Not all cases for workers’ compensation are due to an accident. Some workers might face an illness or a cumulative trauma injury. Both of these types of issues are also covered under workers’ compensation as long as the cause is attributed to work conditions. A pre-existing condition won’t preclude a worker from claiming workers’ compensation if the work environment exacerbated the condition.

There are some cases in which the person will have to fight for the benefits they are due. An attorney familiar with the workers’ compensation system can be beneficial.

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