Neck injuries can range from minor to very serious

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Injuries to your neck can make doing even the simplest tasks complicated. This is because the neck controls the movement of your head, but it is also affected by the motions of your shoulders. If you are injured at work and your neck is one of the impacted areas, you might be in for a long road to recovery.

It is possible that a neck injury can come from an accident, but it might also come from issues like improper head positioning and cumulative trauma. For example, a mechanic who has to work under a vehicle might have to position their head in a way that strains the neck muscles. This might lead to trauma in the area.

When you have a neck injury of any sort, pain and stiffness are usually going to be the primary symptoms that you have to deal with. Even if these seem minor, you should still head to the doctor to find out what is going on. There is a chance that it could be something that doesn’t require treatment, but it might also be something more serious.

Some possible neck injuries include ruptured discs, whiplash, sprains and strains. In some cases that likely involve an accident, a fracture might also be possible. Because the cervical spine runs through the neck, you can’t take any chances when you have issues in the area.

Seeking medical care for a neck injury may result in you needing imaging scans and having to embark on a treatment program. This might even entail you being off work for a while. Workers’ compensation coverage can step in to provide you benefits that you need, including paying for medical bills related to the issue, as long as it is work related.

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