Machinery entanglements can cause significant employee injuries

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People who work around machinery with moving parts must ensure that they are being as safe as possible. One way that you have to do this is by ensuring that you don’t have any loose clothing or even long hair that might become entangled in the machines. Some industries are more prone to having these types of incidents. Almost four in 10 of all injuries in the agriculture industry are entanglement-related.

There are many injuries that can come from being entangled in a machine. The most serious thing that can happen is death. Others including serious bruising and tissue damage that is caused by crushing or pressure. It is also possible that a body part will be amputated, either partially or fully.

Because of the severity of these incidents, it is imperative that anyone who works with these types of machines must be properly trained so that they can minimize the risks that they take. The duty to ensure proper training falls on the employer, so they must ensure they have proper programs in place.

Some of the proper safety protocol that might need to be in place include having a set dress code that takes the dangers of the machinery into account. Machine maintenance is also important, especially checking for the stability of the guards and the presence of an emergency shutoff.

Any employee who is injured in an entanglement incident should seek medical care right away. Once this is done, the worker will have an idea of what the healing process will be. They should also work to get workers’ compensation benefits that can help pay medical bills and possibly provide temporary disability payments.

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