Can I seek treatment from my doctor for a work injury?

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You may have worked at your office for decades, typing thousands of reports, emails and other communications. Now you’re suffering from a lot of numbness and tingling in your right hand and arm and wonder if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. You wonder not only about if you should file a workers’ compensation claim, but if you’ll be able to seek treatment from your regular doctor.

Seeking medical treatment for a work injury

First, you should report any injury you suffer at work, even if that injury occurred over time. Repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, are eligible for workers’ compensation. If you want maximum compensation for your work injury, you need to report it to your employer as soon as:

  • You suffer the injury.
  • You notice symptoms of your injury.

Illinois law requires work injuries to be reported within 45 days. That limit extends to 90 days if your work injury was the result of radiation exposure at work.

When you report your work injury to your employer, you should ask about if their worker’s compensation coverage allows employees to see their regular medical providers. Some workers’ compensation insurance policies require employees to seek treatment from specific physicians.

When a workers’ comp claim is denied

You may have your workers’ compensation claim denied. Your employer needs to inform you as to why the workers’ compensation provider denied your claim. The provider might deny your claim because it says that:

  • Your injury didn’t occur at work.
  • Your injury is the result of a preexisting condition.
  • You failed to seek immediate treatment for your injury.
  • You filed your workers’ compensation claim too late.
  • You caused your injury by being intoxicated or high at work.

Any time you have problems getting workers’ compensation benefits approved, you should seek help from a workers’ comp attorney. An attorney can review your case and help you gather evidence to support your work injury claim. You want to ensure you are being treated fairly and getting the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.


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