How Do Computers Cause Worker Injuries?

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As a worker in an office job, you may not think about how your role may affect your health. The most dangerous aspect of many office jobs is the commute. Still, those workers who rely on their computer throughout the day may find that some everyday activities will create repetitive injuries.

Understand what everyday activities lead to strain

Improper posture and repetitive motion may cause muscles to be in tension for long periods. That tension can lead to a wide variety of repetitive strain injuries. This common state is why an investment in ergonomically optimized equipment can go a long way to helping prevent these kinds of injuries. Here are some of the conditions that can lead to an injury:

Computer height: The orientation of an office desk and computer, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, can significantly affect a person’s posture. If a laptop is too low, the resulting slumped posture may lead to neck strain and lower back pain.

Mouse and keyboard: The size and orientation of a keyboard can make a person’s hands stretch and hold in compromising positions. A mouse is the same in this respect where such constant use can damage or inflame wrist muscles.

Chairs and back support: Having the right chair and support for your body can help you maintain proper posture for those long stretches of office work.

Prevention and Treatment

Preventative measures are often going to be more effective for both determining the cause and eventual solution of an injury. Using voice typing or ergonomic keyboards and mice can help. If damage occurs, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, rehabilitative treatment and surgery may be necessary. These interventions can take time away from your work and produce financial hardships. Take the precautions required for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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