Can I start a new job while receiving workers’ comp benefits?

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When an Illinois resident is injured while on the job, they sometimes don’t have a strong desire to return to the same job. Sometimes injured employees are eager to find a new career. Or they may not be able to return to their old job because of the injury they suffered while on the job. A person who is receiving workers’ compensation benefits may wonder what will happen to them if they accept a new job.

What does the law say?

Legally, a person can change jobs anytime they want, even if they are receiving workers’ compensation benefits from their current employer. But there are laws that apply to these benefits and taking a different full-time job or even a secondary job may affect these benefits.

If a person is considering new or additional employment the following will apply:

  • Workers’ compensation benefits cannot be cancelled because a person changes jobs.
  • Benefits cannot be cancelled if a person accepts light-duty work at a reduced pay.
  • Benefits cannot be cancelled if a person takes a less paying job.

If a person does take a different job, the amount of benefit may be different. They may still receive a partial payment, but it may not be the same as when they first started to receive the benefits. Also, if the new job pays the same as the old job then the benefits will cease. Additionally, if a person takes a second job, the amount of benefit may be reduced because of the additional income.

Seek help in matters related to workers’ compensation

An attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation laws can help their client understand their options when it comes to their benefits and legal rights. They can help their client file their initial workers’ compensation claim or help if their initial claim was denied.


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