Technology does not eliminate safety concerns for Amazon workers

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Consumers remain enamored with the benefits of online ordering.  Low-priced goods delivered almost overnight have a cost: worker safety. Warehouses occupied by Amazon have faced scrutiny for an above-average number of injuries. As technology improves, these numbers decrease, but workers always face the possibility of injury.

Robots and safety contribute to the Illinois economy

Teams at robotics and advanced technology at the company have developed motion-capture software to capture employees’ movement.  A project under testing would, if successful, have an autonomous robot move about to pick up heavy items and alleviate prospective back injuries. Despite more than $1 billion spent last year on safety, the company recorded 14,000 serious injuries.

Amazon maintains a large and active economic footprint in Illinois. The three most recent centers combined occupy nearly one million square feet.  Altogether, 17 Amazon facilities employ 18,000 employees statewide.

These facilities provide financial benefits to employees and municipalities. Two of the facilities, known as robotics fulfillment centers, expedite and facilitate work. Despite these advances, injuries to employees can ensue from the repetitive, physically demanding and labor-intensive tasks they perform.

Remedies available for those injured on the job

The latest technological equipment has not yet obliterated workplace injuries. Factors within the employee’s control, such as proper lifting techniques and asking for assistance with heavy or bulky objects, also mitigate risk – but in many cases accidents simply happen due to no fault of those involved.

When an injury occurs, however, a swift and accurate report can prove valuable in a claim for workers’ compensation. Attorneys who specialize in assisting workers injured on the job can assess your situation and provide you with guidance throughout the process.

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