Five reasons why workers’ compensation claims are denied

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People are hurt while they are on the job every day. Regardless of how careful a worker is, accidents happen, and repetitive stress injuries occur as well. Workers’ compensation is insurance that is used to help injured workers get the medical care they need while still receiving some income. But sometimes a workers’ compensation claim is denied. The following are some of the more common reasons.

1. The injury was unwitnessed

If a person gets injured at work but no one was there to witness it there is a possibility that the claim will be denied. A person who is injured at work should immediately tell their supervisor and make sure they tell everyone the exact same thing as to how the injury occurred.

2. Injury wasn’t reported immediately

If an employee does not report an injury immediately an insurance company may think that the employee was not really injured. In Illinois, an injured worker needs to report their injury within 45 days.

3. Discrepancy between medical report and accident report

If an employee states that the accident happened one way and doctors say the injury happened in another way, then the claim may be denied.

4. Illegal drugs

If an employee had illegal drugs in their system at the time of the accident, then they will most likely not receive workers’ compensation.

5. Fired or laid off

If an employee submits a workers’ compensation claim after they were fired or laid off it will most likely be denied. This is why it is important to submit a claim as soon as the injury occurs.

A legal professional who is skilled in workers’ compensation can help their client with their work injury claim. They can advise their client on how best to fill out the paperwork and can represent them if their claim is denied. An attorney understands how important workers’ compensation is for an injured employee and will work hard to make sure their needs are met.


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