Five mistakes to avoid in a workers’ compensation claim

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Most people who have workers’ compensation assume that it is a benefit that will automatically pay them if and when they need it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Workers’ compensation is a benefit that you need to qualify for, and even then, there is no guarantee that you will receive the compensation value you deserve.

Workers’ compensation pays out a billion dollars in claims every week, but you can still miss out on the settlement you deserve for your injuries. A single mistake during your claim can reduce the settlement you earn or keep you from receiving one at all. Here are five mistakes to avoid while pursuing the compensation you deserve:

Failing to report the injury

Even if you do not think your accident was serious, you should always report your injury to your manager. Without reporting your injury, your employer may never know if the accident and file the necessary paperwork on their end to provide you with the compensation you need.

Not seeing a doctor

Reporting your injury is only the first step in securing the compensation you deserve. In order to confirm the severity of your injuries, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Medical attention can also diagnose any hidden injuries you may have received and create paper documents of your injury.

Not keeping documents

In addition to any medical documents you receive, you should also keep any other documentation that involves your accident or the resulting injuries. If you have an in-person discussion with your employer, send a follow-up email with them to recap what you discussed. That way, you will have the evidence you need in your claim.

Accepting the first offer

The first offer that insurance companies may offer for a workers’ compensation claim is not always your best offer. You have the right to negotiate for compensation that accurately reflects the total cost of your injuries, but you may need help in the process.

Not getting a lawyer’s help

An attorney can offer you the assistance you need in your workers’ compensation claim. They can help you gather the resources you need in your claim, identify a fair value for your compensation, complete your end of the compensation claim on time, and help you receive the settlement you need promptly. If you suffered a workplace injury, consult with a lawyer for the guidance you need to get through your compensation claim while avoiding critical mistakes.

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