How can ladders pose a danger to you?

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If your job involves reaching over your head, then you likely use a ladder numerous times throughout your day. To protect your safety, you need to understand how to use ladders properly.

It is also important to understand where the risks come from in using ladders. This can help you make preparations against said risks and understand how to approach safety in a more thorough way.


The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors discusses the numerous ways in which ladders pose a risk. First and perhaps most surprising, they serve as a risk for electrocution. For example, if your ladder gets entangled in power lines overhead, the electricity can travel through the metal and shock anyone touching it. Corded power tools provide similar risk issues, along with placing the ladder in standing water.

Strain injuries

Next, you can suffer from strain injuries. First of all, ladders are not easy to carry. They are heavy and cumbersome, often resulting in back injuries. You can even tear ligaments of the shoulder or strain the neck muscles when looking above you while at the top of the ladder.


And of course, falls make up a big portion of the injuries that happen due to ladders. This is the greatest danger associated with ladders along with being the most common. Most falls happen due to an incorrect use of the ladder.

Anyone using a ladder should read the instructions for that ladder, use it on solid foundations, avoid using it in high-traffic areas, not standing on the top rung and maintaining three points of contact at all times. By upholding these key elements, it is possible to reduce the chance of falling.

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