What mistakes can you avoid in workers’ compensation claims?

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Workers’ compensation benefits are often trickier than anyone anticipates. Many falsely assume that this benefit will cover any incident no matter what. In reality, a worker has to apply for benefits and may not even end up receiving the proper value of compensation.

Though workers’ compensation pays upwards of a billion dollars in claims every week, that does not mean every worker gets their fair share. Just one single mistake can either reduce the amount a worker receives or even disqualify them entirely.

Failure to report or seek medical aid

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration discusses mistakes workers can avoid when applying for workers’ compensation benefits. The first is very simple: failing to report that the injury happened. If a worker does not report their injury, their employer cannot take action to file all necessary paperwork.

The next most common mistake? Not seeing a doctor. Many workers will assume that because their injury does not feel or look serious, that means it is not serious. This is unfortunately not the truth. Proper and swift medical attention can diagnose the true severity of an injury, along with any hidden ailments.

Improper document management

Not keeping documents on hand is another major problem. Any document involving the accident and resulting injury should get kept on hand indefinitely. It is important to have as much evidence as possible when building a case to support a claim.

Accepting offers too quickly

Do not simply accept the first offer, either. The first insurance company that offers workers’ compensation claims may not prove the best offer. With the help of an attorney, it is possible to negotiate compensation that more accurately reflects the injury in question.

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