3 common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome in the workplace

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of repetitive tasks that pinch the median nerve in your wrist. If you suffer from carpal tunnel, you might experience pain, discomfort or loss of grip strength which may hinder your ability to work.

The actions you perform at your workplace can be a factor in the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. By familiarizing yourself with common workplace causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, you can determine if pursuing a workers’ compensation claim is right for you.

1. Typing

Typing and other motions that you perform while operating a computer can build up stress on your wrist. While the strain from repetitive keyboard use might not cause carpal tunnel itself, doctors explain that typing can increase the noticeability of symptoms or contribute to overall buildup.

2. Repetitive manufacturing

Manufacturing and assembly line jobs often entail performing a single labor-intensive action over the course of an entire shift. Gripping, pulling and cutting are among the many tasks that might put a great deal of stress on the sensitive areas of your wrist while working in manufacturing.

3. Using vibrating equipment

Industrial workers of all types, from carpenters to construction professionals, make use of heavy-duty machinery that can send stressful vibrations up through the wrist. Additionally, making precise use of such tools often requires a firm grip that can cause more strain.

Many people overlook carpal tunnel syndrome as a severe injury that is worth filing a workers’ compensation claim. The truth is that anyone from office workers to maintenance staff can suffer from carpal tunnel, and they all deserve their rightful compensation so they can resume working at full capacity.

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