How can I choose a doctor to treat a workplace injury?

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After suffering an injury at your job, you want to know that your medical bills will not cause a major drain on your savings. Thanks to the state workers’ compensation system, you may pursue coverage for your doctor visits and treatment. However, you must be sure that your choice of doctor will qualify for coverage or you may end up on the hook for your medical costs.

According to the state of Illinois, your employer may have a Preferred Provider Program. It is important to see if your workplace has a PPP before you select a care provider.

How a PPP works

An employer creates a PPP by making a list of authorized providers. Your workplace should give you the PPP in written form. Once you have had a chance to review the list, you can select two care providers in the network. Keep in mind that not all workplaces have a PPP. If so, you may pick two doctors of your own choosing.

Selecting a doctor out of a PPP

If you believe the physicians in your PPP cannot properly treat your condition, other options could help you. Illinois allows workers to send a written statement to an employer declining the use of a PPP, though this counts as using one of your two selections of providers. Afterward, you can select any doctor or hospital, or have your employer refer another doctor to you.

If you find your second care provider is not giving you proper treatment, you could send a petition to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to request a new choice of doctor. Your employer will pay for your new doctor if the Commission finds your second choice is providing inadequate care.

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