How can you return to life as normal after a work-related TBI?

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After suffering a traumatic brain injury at work, you might have to make several life-altering decisions. In addition to the physical limitations of an injury, you might also have to deal with cognitive problems.

MSKTC explains that a TBI can affect your ability to concentrate, process information and communicate.

What types of cognitive issues may appear after a TBI?

After a TBI, you might discover that you have more difficulty concentrating than you once did. You might not remember entire conversations or events and because of it, you could fill in the gaps with missing information. Additionally, your judgment and reasoning skills may change after the injury. People find it more challenging to determine solutions or to evaluate data to make crucial decisions.

How can you improve cognition following your accident?

Returning to normal might include finding a new routine for yourself. In some cases, you may have to attend vocational programs to return to the workforce, either in a similar capacity to before or with an entirely new degree. Integrating time to practice your cognition can help strengthen your ability to reason, communicate and problem-solve.

Allow yourself to ask for help when necessary. For instance, talk to a trusted family member if you cannot solve a problem alone. Solve problems step-by-step. Create a goal, plan for possible solutions, attempt the solution and evaluate your success. Never act on decisions as soon as you make them.

For organization and memory, create a schedule for yourself and follow it. Do not be afraid to use memory aids to keep track of important information. You can also use technology to help keep track of important dates or daily reminders.

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