Signs of bad faith tactics used to avoid paying workers’ comp

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Unfortunately, any time you file an insurance claim, there is a risk that the insurance company will make the process difficult.

Insurance companies assign an adjustor to your case, and their job is to put the company’s interests above all else. As a result, they may use bad faith tactics to avoid paying.

Delaying an investigation or payment

Once your employer files a workers’ comp claim on your behalf, the company should begin an investigation into the accident. However, a common tactic they use to delay payment is to avoid the investigation.

Making unreasonable document requests

A typical sign of bad faith action is when the insurer requests unnecessary documents. It is a common tactic used to stall the process. They often do this hoping you will give up on the claim out of frustration.

Denying your claim without a reason

When an insurance company denies your claim, they should provide a reasonable explanation detailing why the claim was invalid. A clear sign of bad faith action is when they deny the claim and refuse to explain why.

Making threats

Intimidation is a nasty and common tactic employed to scare claimants. They may use aggressive language and threaten to sue, but you can typically take legal action with an attorney.

Ignoring your attempts to communicate

Some companies will simply stop responding to your attempts to communicate. They may not return your calls or answer emails.

Remember that most bad faith tactics are an attempt to anger you into stopping all attempts to collect.

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