Can a concussion lead to long-term effects?

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A concussion is a brain injury. As with any type of injury to this part of the body, there is a potential for even a minor issue to end up causing serious problems.

Many times, a concussion will heal with no trouble. But there are also cases where the injury leads to long-term side effects.

Compounding issues

The first occurrence of a concussion that is mild and does not cause any serious damage to the brain will usually clear up with no issues. However, it is when you have multiple concussions, with or without brain damage, that the chances of complications and long-term issues arise.

More than one injury will cause some damage to the brain. It can change how it works and lead to problems that persist even if the actual concussion heals.


The best way to avoid having long-term issues due to concussions is to ensure you fully heal from an injury before exposing yourself to anything that could possibly lead to another concussion. You should follow all orders from the doctor even if you feel fine.

Resting the brain and avoiding activities that could lead to further injury are usually the recommendations. Keeping the body still will help to avoid jarring the brain, which could aggravate a concussion and lead to further problems.

Thinking a concussion is no big deal is the worst thing you can do. You have to take any brain injury seriously. Once you have a concussion, you need to be more careful to avoid another in the future if you wish to avoid long-term side effects.

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