What are employers’ duties for workers’ compensation?

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Your employer’s involvement in a workers’ compensation claim is rather minimal. You will report your injury to your employer, but other than that, they generally let the insurer handle the situation.

However, there are specific things the workers’ compensation law states employers must do within the process. The main duty is securing and maintaining insurance.

Providing notice

Your employer must hang a notice within your workspace that alerts you to your rights under the system. This notice must also give the name of the insurance company your employer uses for coverage.

Keeping records

Your employer also has to keep records of work injuries. After you get hurt, you must provide a report to your employer, and the employer must keep that on file. The rule is that they must hold onto any records for injuries that caused at least three days of missed work.

Avoiding prohibited actions

Your employer also has certain things they cannot do. They are not allowed to retaliate or discriminate against any employee who submits a workers’ compensation claim. Treating someone who has filed a claim differently in any way could result in additional issues for your employer. It is also not allowable to take action against such an employee that could hinder their ability to return to work.

They also cannot charge you for their insurance coverage. That is a business cost and something they must pay for entirely.

Workers’ compensation is a system that greatly benefits employers. It is essential that they do their part to keep the system operational and to look out for your rights.

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