Is your hand pain work-related?

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As a worker who uses your hands all the time, occasional aches at the end of a long day are normal. Anything that goes above and beyond that, and includes worsening pain that becomes intense, may require medical intervention to either stop it from becoming worse or ease the symptoms.

If a long day at work leads to debilitating pain, you may want to head out for a checkup and let your doctor know that it is your job that makes the discomfort worse.

Hand pain and repetitive motion

The hands and wrists may prove a vital component of your job. For example, if you cut hair, use power tools or type for lengthy periods at a time, you may experience some level of discomfort after a long day. Repetition motion or movement can cause inflammation in the forearms and wrists that then impinge on the central nerve running from the elbow into the hand. This median nerve is responsible for the use of your hands and wrists.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and your job

The constant pressure on the median nerve causes a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Repeating the same motions for hours a day exacerbate carpal tunnel, and in the beginning, you may feel better after disengaging from work on weekends. However, as carpal tunnel settles in without treatment, you may find that the pain gets worse, as do symptoms such as:

  • Numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers
  • Lack of grip strength
  • Intense shock-like sensation in the hands
  • Burning and aching

If the symptoms wake you up at night, you may want to seek medical intervention

A repetitive injury, such as carpal tunnel, should fall under your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. You need to get a doctor’s report and recommendations for treatment to file a claim.

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