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July 2013 Archives

Hit by car in construction accident in Illinois

When driving on the road it is important to pay attention to one's surroundings. Not only do motorists have to worry about other drivers, they also have to worry about workers in construction sites who may be doing road work. This can help avoid a potential construction accident which could cause injury. However, one driver may have failed to do this when the driver hit a construction worker while driving his car on the road in Illinois.

Work-related injury possible for Illinois workers in grain bins

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has pointed out that disregarding safety measures and procedures could lead to more work-related injury or death for Illinois grain workers. Following the deaths of two grain workers in another state, OSHA sent out letters to every single farmer and company that uses grain bins in their operations reiterating safety measures. Ignoring these measures, such as the use of safety harnesses in grain bins, could lead to further work-related injury or death.

Illinois temp workers may be missing out on workers' compensation

In Illinois, workers' compensation is offered through employers. However, there are concerns that some temporary and migrant workers that may slip through the system without the safety net of workers' compensation. Many of these workers are not in the system because they are concerned about their immigrant status. But what happens to these employees when they are injured on the job?

Illinois company in trouble for potential work accident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined an Illinois company for providing an unsafe work environment which could lead to a work accident. The scrap metal recycler was fined $65,000 for 19 different violations of the safety codes, discovered after an investigation of the plant. Apparently each employee was in danger of a work accident stemming from the conditions.

Illinois courthouse problem could cause workers' compensation

The condition of an old Illinois courthouse in Galesburg could lead to potential worker's compensation claims since it has been revealed that it contained traces of radon. An expert on the potentially toxic gas says that the present levels are not enough to be deadly, but that it could cause problems. This issue could lead to workers' compensation cases should employees begin to see adverse effects from the radon exposure.

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